The institute’s board of directors and the FNSP board of directors name Frédéric Mion for a second term as president of Sciences Po

14/02/2018 | 12:00 Institutionnel    

In line with Sciences Po statutes, the Institute’s Board of Directors on 13 February and the Fondation nationale des sciences politiques (FNSP) Board of Directors today gave their decisions regarding the appointment of the President of the IEP de Paris and Chief Executive of the FNSP, based on the recommendation submitted to them by the committee responsible for examining candidates.

Both boards named Frédéric Mion.

About Sciences Po Press contact Marie Frocrain: / 01 49 54 37 71 The Sciences Po boards and the candidate review committee highlighted Mr. Mion’s excellent record in his first five years in office, during which he has given the institution a remarkable impetus while strengthening its foundations. The prospects he outlined in his plan for Sciences Po convinced the institution’s governing bodies that Mr. Mion was the best choice to lead Sciences Po towards its 150th anniversary.

The decisions of the Sciences Po governing bodies will be submitted to the two authorities authorized to appoint the President of the IEP de Paris and the Chief Executive of the FNSP, respectively the President of France and the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

About Sciences Po 

Sciences Po is a selective research university of international standing based on the values of openness and excellence. Sciences Po’s unique academic model combines expertise in human and social sciences, multidisciplinarity and a professional grounding to educate professionals and citizens able to understand and transform society. Diversity is a key element of Sciences Po’s identity. The student body comprises 47 percent international students from 150 different countries and 27 percent scholarship students, up from 6 percent in 2000. 

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