Wallace Chan will give a Master Class at Sciences Po in Paris

06/03/2018 | 12:00 Événement  

Jewelry creator Wallace Chan will give a talk in Paris on March 7th at the invitation of Sciences Po University’s Master Class in the context of an annual cycle of conferences created by the Master of Communications, Media and Creative Industries “Les Rendez-vous de la création”. The title of the lecture is "Jewelry Art: Imagery, Emotions and Music”. Drawing from over four decades of his experience, Wallace Chan will analyze and illustrate the poetic aesthetics of jewelry art creation through three ever-interacting factors: imagery, emotions and music.

This will be Wallace Chan’s latest talk after his previous speeches at Harvard University (Cambridge), Central Saint Martins (London), V&A Museum (London), and Cooper Hewitt Museum (New York).

An active speaker at multiple global institutions, Wallace Chan takes each speech as an opportunity to introduce the often-subjective jewelry creation process through objective education. He said, "From a young age I have always been curious about education. We have now entered an era of lifelong independent learning, meaning the learning process is no longer confined to a classroom setting. The flexible, accessible, interactive and variable qualities of lectures make it an ideal method for knowledge transfer and experience sharing. I speak with three goals: to share, to inspire conversations and to pass on values. I would like to share the truth of jewelry art, to motivate the public to talk about it, so we can create together values that we deem worthy to pass on."

After the talk, Wallace Chan will exhibit at TEFAF Maastricht (The European Fine Art Fair). As the only Chinese jewelry artist at the fair since three years, he will showcase approximately 30 one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.

Event details

Date: Wednesday March 7th

Time: 19.15 – 21.15pm

Venue: 27 rue Saint-Guillaume 75007 Paris, amphithéâtre Jacques Chapsal


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About Wallace Chan

In 1973, Wallace Chan became a gemstone-carving apprentice and started his journey of creation which has continued for over 40 years. A high level of curiosity and a strong thirst for knowledge have been behind his constant experiments in gemstone cutting, carving, setting, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and metal soldering. Navigating through numerous twists and turns, he strives for the ultimate perfection in his creations. As an exceptionally perceptive person, he embraces the experiences and energy coming from interacting with materials and incorporates them in the fine details of his pieces. As a creator, he infuses his passion, dreams, and philosophies in each of his pieces that elicit intense visual aesthetic perceptions and evoke strong emotional responses in viewers.

Over the long history of jewelry making, Wallace Chan has stood out with unconventional creations to mark his uniqueness. After 8 years of independent research, he discovered and mastered the technology to use titanium, a lightweight but strong metal, in jewelry. He invented the jadeite thinning and luminosity-enhancing technology and received a patent for it. His unique Wallace Cut, an illusionary carving technique, is truly extraordinary. Innovation has been a key attribute in everything Wallace Chan does, from materials, craftsmanship, and tools, to styles of creation, subject matters, exploration of symbolic connotations, and ways of exhibition presentation. Constant innovation has put him at the forefront of the jewelry world of our time.

In recent years, Wallace Chan has been featured extensively in international media. He is also the first Chinese jewellery artist to showcase his creations at several international exhibitions: TEFAF (2018, 2017 & 2016, Maastricht & New York), Masterpiece London (2017 & 2016), and

Biennale des Antiquaires (2012 & 2014, Paris). In 2015, his very first illustrated monograph was published by Rizzoli.

In the same year, he was invited by Christie’s to hold a solo exhibition at the HKCEC. He was invited to deliver talks at Harvard University (2017, Cambridge), Central Saint Martins (2017, London), the V&A Museum (2016, London), and the Cooper Hewitt Museum (2015, New York).

Wallace Chan praises life and nature through the charm of gemstones with limitless imagination and creative talent. He is recognized as a top jewellery creator, artist and innovator.

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